Kyle S - Sydney 3/10/19
The assessor was clear in the expectations, helped make the day go fast and the process smooth. The office staff provided timely responses in the lead up.

Jordan G - Sydney 3/10/19
I was a good test of my skills and would recommend to other candidates.

Craig J - Sydney 3/10/19
I had an enjoyable experience as the assessor made me feel at ease from the start. It was a good test of overall electrical knowledge and would definitely recommend Future Skills.

Cornele's Petrus H - Sydney 3/10/19
Thank you Future Skills.

Daniel H - Sydney 3/10/19
The assessor is very nice and helpful.

Chris J - Sydney 3/10/19
The assessor made me at ease and communicates very well. It is a good assessment of my skills.

Horace D - Sydney 3/10/19
It was a good test, very interesting. I'll recommend Future Skills to everyone I know.

Gert S - Brisbane 1/10/19
FSI is professional and a pleasure to deal with, the assessment process was well conducted.

Cole W - Brisbane 1/10/19
Fair way of testing my electrical skills and knowledge.

Harry T - Sydney 12/9/19
A very well organised course with great service. I will recommend to anyone that needs a skills assessment.

Ryan H - Sydney 12/9/19
The overall experience of my assessment was great. The assessor made everything clear and gave you all the information you needed. I would highly recommend Future Skills and the assessor to everyone. I will be passing their information on to colleagues.

Marc C - Sydney 12/9/19
The assessor explained the procedure well. It was easy to follow and well timed.

Kelly B - Sydney 12/9/19
The assessor did an excellent job going between students to keep the assessment moving. He was easy to work with and understand.

Josue DOM - Sydney 12/9/19
I will recommend Future Skills International.

Asi K- Brisbane 2/9/19
I will recommend for my friends.

Jordan A - Brisbane 2/9/19
Would definitely recommend Future Skills.

Ryan D - Brisbane 2/9/19
I would recommend Future Skills if anyone I know wants to obtain an OTSR.

Richard D- Perth 16/8/19
Assessment was a fair test of all my skills and the assessor was spot on, very helpful and approachable. I would recommend to anyone in my situation wanting to get their trade recognised over her in Australia.

Sam C- Sydney 15/8/19
A good chance to test what I have learned so far in may trade.

Luke O'D - Sydney 15/8/19
Future Skills are a very good company to work with.

Ryan F - Sydney 15/8/19
It's been an informative and thorough process and been very worthwhile.

Michael P - Sydney 15/8/19
Would recommend for any overseas electricians. I have referred people already.

Joseph P - Sydney 15/8/19
I would recommend to others, great test centre and assessor. Overall happy with the experience.

Caolan McG - Sydney 15/8/19
The process was straight forward and well explained

Fernando DFA - Sydney 10/7/19
I was happy with the assessment and I would recommend Future Skills.

Gavin T - Sydney 10/7/19
It was a great test of my skills and knowledge. The assessor made it very easy to relax. I will definitely be recommending it in the future.

Shaun M - Sydney 10/7/19
I would recommend this assessment to anyone looking for licensing or residency.

Anderson GJ - Sydney 10/7/19
I recommend Future Skills for assessment.

Billy C - Sydney 10/7/19
Very happy with the course and the assessor was more than helpful on the day. Explaining everything clearly so I fully understood what the task at hand was.

Jonathan M - Sydney 20/6/19
I found the day of the skill assessment as my assessor made me feel at ease from the state. Everything was handled very professionally and the process was easy to follow. I would definitely recommend Future Skills to anyone looking for a skill assessment and I would like to thank the assessor for making it an enjoyable day.

Bradley E - Sydney 20/6/19
I believe the assessment was fair and tested my overseas electrical knowledge. The assessor made me feel more relaxed throughout the assessment. I would highly recommend Future Skills to anyone else.

Andrew S - Sydney 20/6/19
Enjoyed this exam. Very comfortable area

Frederik DB - Brisbane 18/6/19
The assessor made me feel right at home and the area of work was a comfortable area. I was not rushed once to get the assessment done but was given enough time ot work through everything that was needed to be done. I will surely recommend this facility.

Daniel H - Brisbane 18/6/19
Well prepared and calm environment which helped to remove any potential stress from the assessment. Amenities were good. The assessor was fair and unbiased in his assessment and explained clearly what i was required to prove in each task.

Daniel F - Brisbane 18/6/19
The assessor made me feel comfortable. He gave clear instructions about what he was expecting from me.

Cathail O - Sydney 9/5/19
I found the assessment useful to improve my skills.

Sean K - Perth 3/5/19
Good staff and fair assessment.

Callum T - Sydney 16/4/19
Extremely happy with the Future Skills program. Thank you!

Jake B - Sydney 16/4/19
Great organisation. Plenty of information about the structure and sequence of events. The assessor was very polite and professional. Will recommend in the future.

Roberto R- Sydney 16/4/19
I strongly recommend Future Skills for the easy way to deal with and organise my documentation.

Will R- Sydney 16/4/19
Clear, helpful with all communication, before the exam. Good exam conditions.

Renias M- Sydney 16/4/19
I had given up hope of ever working in my chosen profession ever since I migrated to Australia. Future Skills gave me a pathway to follow and acquire a licence. Thank you Future Skills.

David S - Sydney 16/4/19
Good test of my electrical skills and knowledge.

Nathan S - Solihull 11/4/19
Future Skills were very helpful throughout the process. I would like to thank the assessor for making me feel welcome and calming my nerves. Great assessment day.

Clarence B - Melbourne 8/4/19
Future Skills was a great test of my electrical skill. Great day.

Richard R - Melbourne 8/4/19
I would recommend Future Skills in the future. This has been a fair test of my skills and knowledge about the electrical industry.

Braeden W - Melbourne 8/4/19
Good facility, clean and tidy. The assessor was friendly and knowledgeable in the trade.

Ross P - Brisbane 8/4/19
The assessment was fair and all-round test of my skills. The assessor made me feel relaxed so I could focus fully on the tasks. Overall a good experience and a fair assessment.

Sam A - Brisbane 8/4/19
Would recommend Future Skills to anyone.

Patrick S - Sydney 7/3/19
Would highly recommend using Future Skills. Very clear, professional and really tested my skills.

Graham C - Sydney 7/3/19
Very useful, facilities good and efficient.

Kieran S - Sydney 7/3/19
I would recommend to anyone to use Future Skills for trade assessment.

Joshua B - Sydney 7/3/19
Well structured assessment day.

Daniel VS - Brisbane 4/3/19
This is the best way to do your skills assessment. Highly trained assessors with a world of experience to back it up.

Kieran B- Sydney 7/2/19
Very good course, good and clear what we needed to do. Good assessor.

Shane H - Sydney 7/2/19
The assessor and the office were brilliant.

Callum J - Sydney 7/2/19
I enjoyed the process and the assessor was very helpful and accommodating.

Luke S - Sydney 7/2/19
Very quick and informative responses to all enquiries and questions. Clear process with each stage shown from the start.

Joosep P - Sydney 7/2/19
Very happy with the whole process

Jean-Jacques T - Brisbane 29/1/19
I thought my skill assessment was a good test for my electrical skills and knowledge.
I recommend Future Skills for all people who want the skills assessment.

Shepherd C - Sydney 19/12/18
I would recommend Future Skills International for individuals seeking to do their assessment.

Liam H - Sydney 19/12/18
The whole process of getting to the assessment was made very easy. From the document verificaiton to assessment was stress free.

Andrew G - Sydney 19/12/18
Great set up, well respected. Would highly recommend Future Skills International.

Mathew M - Sydney 19/12/18
I believe Future Skills International was a good test of my skills and knowledge. I would recommend to others.

Christopher C - Solihull 11/12/18
It was a fair assessment of my skills. The practical assessment was fairly straightforward. Overall a fair test.

Rajesh S - Melbourne 4/12/18
I will take this chance to thank the office staff, who helped me on all of the administration work and documentary evidence assessment. I would also like to thank the assessor. All the best Future Skills.

Liam O'R - Melbourne 4/12/18
A clean and tidy environment, assessment very well thought through and planned out. The laid back atmosphere allowed for a low stress environment which allowed me to focus properly.

Keiran R - Melbourne 4/12/18
I would highly recommend Future Skills International for your skills assessment. The assessor made it clear at the start what was expected and explained things clearly. Everyone at Future Skills International was very helpful and friendly.

Arulmurugan K - Sydney 22/11/18
I strongly recommend to others. Pretty straight forward.

Fabiano CL - Sydney 22/11/18
The tests have been really good. I've been treated really well and the company is really professional. I am really satisfied with everything.

Ben S - Sydney 22/11/18
I thought the assessment was a good test of my electrical skills and is always good to be tested. I would recommend to any overseas electrician.

Pieter M - Brisbane 13/11/18
Future Skills International is very professional, skilled and helpful. The level of service is a very high standard and I surely would recommend them as a service provider.

Joseph B - Brisbane 13/11/18
Very good assessment. Staff very friendly and helpful. Would recommend.

Matthew W - Perth 9/11/18
Professionally run and executed course

Brian G - Sydney 18/9/18
I thought the process was a good test of my skills. It was good to recap on some things i haven't done in some time.

Gerald M - Sydney 18/9/18
I was happy with the level of communication from the assessor on the day and leading up to the assessment.

Ian S - Sydney 18/9/18
The process was really good from beginning to the exams. Time scales were great. The assessor and assessment was good. Will recommend this to any electricians.

Jonathan F - Sydney 18/9/18
Very well aranged setup for exam.

Jonathan F - Sydney 18/9/18
I found that the assessment was fair and tested my skills and knowledge to an acceptable level.

Salvatore R - Sydney 18/9/18
I reckon the skills assessment was very good. I will recommend whoever needs this to get in touch with Future Skills International.

Lee H - London 29/8/18
Overall day was good. Good environment and facilities.

Thomas B - Sydney 28/8/18
The process was good and well thought out. Illustrated all skills in electrical work very well. Would recommend the assesssment to anyone looking to get their electrical license.

Greg H - Sydney 28/8/18
The assessor was friendly and gave clear instructions on the day which made the assessment easy to understand.

Andrew P - Birmingham 7/8/18
Any correspondence was answered in a timely manner, and everyone was friendly and helpful.

Nicholas W - Birmingham 7/8/18
A fantastic place with great staff

Paul N - Birmingham 3/7/18
The location and facilities in Solihull were excellent, as was the guidance regarding what was expected of me during my assessment.

Thomas C - Birmingham 3/7/18
The assessment process was very well organised and the assessor made everyone feel comfortable throughout.

Craig A - Birmingham 3/7/18
Everything about the process has been really good and I couldn't recommend it enough. Clear and precise information before assessment day. On the day itself the assessor was really good, making a daunting day feeling relatively relaxed and manageable. Great location for the test centre as well.

Florien S - Sydney 18/6/18
It was a good test for my electrical skills.

Marinus M - Sydney 18/6/18
Very good responses by mail/phone and clear info on what to expect. Fair test conditions on skills in general domestic and industrial areas.

Simon J - Sydney 18/6/18
I found the test to be fair and reasonable, requiring me to use a broad range of my electrical knowledge

Adrian S - London 4/6/18
Friendly staff and well run assessment

Simon S - London 4/6/18
The assessment overall was very well organised with excellent facilities, equipment and tools.

Milo S - Brisbane 9/5/18
Over all I am very happy with the service provided. The requirements needed for each stage were clear. Communication was easy. The practical assessment was fair and succinct and covered a good general spectrum of 'real life' electrical work.

Nicholas B - Brisbane 9/5/18
I can highly recommend Future Skills International.

Connor Q - Brisbane 9/5/18
The assessment was run very well, testing a range of different electrical abilities.

Adam N - London 9/4/18
I would highly recommend the assessment to family and friends. Everyone is really friendly and helpful.

Christopher M - Sydney 27/3/18
Highly recommend Future Skills, I found this a fair and adequate test of my electrical knowledge and will be recommending Future Skills in the future to any colleagues.

Eoghan L - Sydney 27/3/18
I would highly recommend. The assessor was extremely helpful and explained everything.

Joshua W - Sydney 27/3/18
The test was fair and a good test of electrical skills.

Liam R - Sydney 27/3/18
Excellent day, very well organised from start to finish.
I would highly recommend Future Skills to anybody else interested in completing a skills assessment. Thanks to everyone involved.

Darren M - Sydney 27/3/18
I would highly recommend any of my colleagues to do their skills assessment through Future Skills. Very helpful from start to finish.

Adam D - Sydney 27/3/18
Future Skills were very helpful throughout the whole process of my skills assessment. The day was relaxed and the assessor was very reassuring and was good at putting any exam nerves to bed.

Michael D - Sydney 27/3/18
I would recommend this assessment to others.

Zak W - Brisbane 14/3/18
I found the future skills process fast and efficient, the main office were quick to reply to emails and helpful to organise the next steps. The assessor was very helpful and made me feel at ease.

Emmett N - Perth 8/3/17
Very helpful, quick response, good facilities.

Artur D - Perth 8/2/17
I recommend this company to everyone who wants to have an assessment because everything was clear to understand what you are expected to do. The team is friendly and professional. They explain everything really clearly.

Danny W - London 5/2/18
I would like to say a massive thank you to the team for making a complicated process straight forward. I would also like to thank the assessor for a great day at the skills assessment.

Shaun T - London 5/2/18
Good assessment with clear objectives.

Bradley T - London 5/2/18
Good course. Would recommend to other people. Good, friendly, very helpful people.

Michael R - London 5/2/18
The assessment is carried out in a calm and friendly environment which is a big help in settling the nerves.

Joshua R - Sydney 25/1/18
Very pleased with all the process and exam conditions.

Jason C - Sydney 25/1/18
High recommended. Didn't have to travel far. Fast process.

Oliver P - Sydney 25/1/18
I am very happy with the process and would highly recommend Future Skills to anyone else looking to gain their OTSR.

Rory W - Sydney 25/1/18
Happy with the skills assessment and I would recommend Future Skills to any friends.

Lee P - Sydney 25/1/18
Process was fair and reasonable. I will recommend to anyone who requires an assessment.

Sergei U - Brisbane 23/1/18
The test was conducted in good conditions, environment was very nice.

James H - Brisbane 23/1/18
Future Skills has been great assistance from beginning of the process. They have kept me in the loop at all times and assisted me to get my skills recognised as quickly and sufficiently as possible. On the day of my assessment they were again a great support. I will recommend them to future applicants.

Alan C - Perth 13/12/17
Great assessment, very thorough on key points checking knowledge.

Paramasivan K - Brisbane 11/12/17
Future Skills staff are highly professional and very helpful.

Jonathan Z - Sydney 6/12/17
I would recommend Future Skills to everyone because of the excellent service and the very fair standard in assessment.

Stephen F - Sydney 6/12/17
Very helpful guidance from admin staff and assessor. Thanks!

Charles B - Sydney 6/12/17
The whole process was brilliant from start to finish. The assessor made us all very comfortable on the day which helped us not be nervous.

Chris S - Sydney 6/12/17
Would highly recommend Future Skills International. Very helpful and quick with email and telephone calls. The office was very helpful and the assessor was great.

Ross R - Sydney 6/12/17
Great time, very helpful for my 189 visa and the assessor was very good with the whole process. I enjoyed my time here.

Thörsten L - Brisbane 4/12/17
I recommend Future Skills International to any of my friends, because the assessment was very reasonable.

Dario M - Brisbane 4/12/17
I recommend Future Skills International because of their care and the skills assessment was really reasonable.

Steve C - Sydney 17/11/17
I would definitely recommend Future Skills to others.

Peter G - Brisbane 13/11/17
It was a good experience from start to finish.

Phillip L - Brisbane 13/11/17
Thought the assessment is really well put together and tests you as an electrician. I would recommend anyone to do it through Future Skills.

John M - Brisbane 13/11/17
I found the experience very good and liked that tasks were based on everyday tasks. I liked how the assessor explained what they wanted me to do. All in all I found the experience very good and would recommend Future Skills to other people.

Steve R - Brisbane 13/11/17
The complete Future Skills assessment was excellent. From the guys in the office to the assessor in the workshop. All my questions regarding skills assessment were answered promptly. I lost my nervousness and completed the day feeling confident. I would highly recommend Future Skills to anyone and I will be back for further training.

Adam P - Sydney 26/10/17
I found the whole process with Future Skills relatively easy to navigate my way thorough. I found if I needed help it was easily accessible. On the day of the skills assessment the assessor put my mind at ease enabling me to perform my tasks and complete them without the stress i came with. The one on one interaction was a great process.

Joe T - Sydney 26/10/17
The whole process was perfect. The assessor made the process very comfortable and less nerve racking. Highly recommended.

Ian O'C - Sydney 26/10/17
From beginning of the skill process until the end, Future Skills have been a pleasure to deal with. They are efficient with handling the details, forms and documentation. I found the exam date and location to be convenient.

Shane L - Sydney 26/10/17
I was happy with the overall experience and the assessor. I would recommend Future Skills to anyone in the future.

Pierre-Hugues P - Brisbane 24/10/17
Very good facilities, the process was also easy and clear. Future Skills International are very good and helpful. Assessment and Assessors are perfect.

Eilidh L - Brisbane 24/10/17
Future Skills International are a great company to get your OTSR through. The assessor was great and really helpful, knowledgeable and fair. Everyone at Future Skills was helpful and full of advice for the next steps to getting my license and they were very encouraging. I would highly recommend Future Skills International.

Gustavo K - Brisbane 24/10/17
Future Skills have a great team. All of them were very helpful with my needs, guiding me to organise my documentation. Thank you very much.

Scott H - London 3/10/17
Everybody and everything was brilliant from start to finish.

Andrew L-G - London 3/10/17
A must to use Future Skills to get qualifications assessed. They opened the door on many other areas covering visa applications and provided guidance every step of the way. Very helpful and approachable staff.

Rick H - London 5/9/17
The assessor was very good and kept the assessment relaxed and stress free. Good work.

Jonathan M - London 5/9/17
Excellent centre, great relaxed atmosphere. The staff were great leading up to the practical skills assessment, very responsive and knowledgeable. On the day of the assessment, the assessor was great and put everyone at ease, ensuring to explain what was expected on the day.
Would definitely recommend to others.

Johnny C - London 5/9/17
Overall experience was good. Test centre is relaxed environment to work in and the theory and practical was split up well.
Staff very friendly through which took any stress away.
Would definitely recommend to others.

Luke S - Sydney 20/7/17
I am very pleased with the quick and effective manner that my skills assessment was handled. It has been a very simple process and I am glad I chose Future Skills International to complete my assessment.

Tim S - Sydney 20/7/17
I'd recommend Future Skills to anyone wanting to do their skills assessments as they are clear and informative on what to do and when. The process is made easy to complete with their instructions.

Billy T - Sydney 20/7/17
Good day, clear instruction.

James J - Sydney 20/7/17
The Assessor was great.

Andrew B - London 4/8/17
Assessment was at a good pace with a relaxed and easy to speak to assessor. He was always available if needed for any inquiries. The whole process from start to finish has been great with help all the way. Would 100% recommend using Future Skills International for an electrical assessment.

Chris B - Sydney - 29/6/17
Overall I was very pleased with my assessment I would recommend it to anyone and the staff were excellent.

John F - Sydney - 29/6/17
Professional staff and very forthcoming with information. Helped a lot with the lead up to the assessment.

Gary Moore - Sydney - 29/6/17
I would recommend anyone to use Future Skills. Very helpful people.

Luke L - Brisbane - 26/6/17
Pleased with assessment, assessor and facilities

Milan D - London - 7/6/17

-Well Organised
-Friendly Atmosphere
-Professional attitude

Philip M - London - 7/6/17

Great all round service. Pleased with facilities and assessor and all the help from the staff. Thanks.

James B - London - 7/6/17

Excellent! The assessor and staff made a potentially stressful and nervous assessment a relaxed and enjoyable one.
Information before during and after is superb. Recommend highly.

M Lynch - Brisbane - 2/6/17

I highly recommend Future Skills as a body to have your skills assessed.
They are professional in correspondence and conduct their assessment in fantastic facilities.

Ryan D - Brisbane - 2/6/17

I had a very positive experience, despite my worrying. The staff have been very helpful and prompt, making the whole process feel like it was worth doing. Of all the RTOs I would definitely recommend Future Skills to anyone that asked.

Mathew H - Brisbane - 2/6/17

I thought that the examination was a good indication of my electrical skills and I would recommend the course to any other oversees applicant.

Christopher C - Brisbane - 2/6/17

I would recommend the assessment to anyone. Assessment process was easy.
I would also recommend the skills maintenance course.
The assessor was very helpful.

Joe B - Perth - 30/5/17

Everything about the assessment day was well planned and executed. The assessor explained things very clearly from the outset.
I would recommend Future Skills to anyone in the future.

Senan K - Perth - 29/5/17

Found the course very interesting. Found the assessor to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Any questions were answered and found him to be very reasonable with everything along the duration.

Kevin W - Sydney - 3/5/17

I would definitely recommend doing the assessment. Very friendly and professional assessor and good to refresh my electrical knowledge.

Lovemore B - Sydney - 3/5/17

The assessment with Future Skills is exceptionally good and their competency standards are excellent.

Daniel J - London - 2/5/17

What can I say, a pleasure from start to finish. Very helpful team, would recommend!

Ryan H - London - 2/5/17

Future Skills delivers a good skills assessment. Before the assessment I was a bit nervous but found the atmosphere relaxed and my assessor was very approachable. Nikki was great through the whole process and answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently. The information provided was good. All in all I would highly recommend them.

Jianbo Z - Sydney - 13/4/17

I am very happy with my assessment.
The assessor gave me clear and relevant information and respected my background and needs. Thanks very much to Future Skills. Thanks to the assessor!

Seung YL - Sydney - 13/4/17

I am willing to introduce Future Skills to anyone who wants to take the assessment.

Matt C - Sydney - 13/4/17

Great assessor, very friendly and helpful.

Christopher B - Sydney - 13/4/17

Thought the process was quick and effective. Would recommend anyone who needs to do a skills assessment to do it with Future Skills.

Darren G - Sydney - 13/4/17

I'd highly recommend Future Skills to friends who are looking to get their Australian Electrical Licence. Great Service.

William H - Sydney - 13/4/17

I felt that the assessment was carried out well, everything was explained. Good assessor.

Darragh M - Sydney - 13/4/17

Very pleased with the assessment, the examiner was very helpful.

Adam Young - London - 5/4/17

I was very pleased with the whole process and service I received from the staff. Very informative and was always happy to help. The skills assessment day was excellent, the assessor was great and it was a well planned out assessment and plenty of support leading up to it.

Lee P - London - 5/4/17

I found that the Future Skills International assessment was very enjoyable and was impressed with the process as a whole. The assessment was conducted by very competent assessor who was approachable and knowledgeable.

David S - London - 5/4/17

Very relaxed day. The assessor was very helpful and the staff have been great through the whole process.

Clive L - Perth - 27/3/17

I have found the whole experience fantastic. A lot of paperwork at the start but the assessment process in the class and work should be okay for any experience electrician. The Future Skills staff are very helpful.

Sean M - Perth - 27/3/17

I found the whole process easy to deal with. Enjoyed the experience.

Robert C - Brisbane 24/2/17

Really helpful, approachable staff. Easy to deal with.

Anthony R - Brisbane 24/2/17

Highly recommend Future Skills. Whole process was very easy and they were very helpful.

Alex M - Perth 10/2/17

The assessor was really nice and made you comfortable. Nothing major with the test as long as you work a little before the practical exam.

Keith H - Perth 10/2/17

I would recommend Future Skills to anyone looking to get an overseas Skills Assessment.

Medhat R - Perth 10/2/17

Thanks Future Skills. They are very helpful people with good experience, no stress from the assessor. Many Thanks.

Andrew K - Perth 9/2/17

The assessment centre is well equipped and professionally run. I would happily recommend it to others seeking a skills assessment.

Ross G - Brisbane 9/2/17

Future Skills are an excellent company.

Matthew H - London 31/1/17

I feel as if the assessment went well, I carry out the assessed tasks on a daily basis. The assessor was very approachable to ask questions. Future Skills has good communication and was kept up to date on the assessment process.

Richard C - London 33/1/17

The assessments were varied but with good instruction and guidance the day went well. Would thoroughly recommend.

Dwaine K- Sydney 21/12/16

The test was very relevant to skills required to be an electrician. Very informative and helpful all around.

Andrew L - Sydney 21/12/16

The process from start to finish was smooth.

Russel G - Sydney 21/12/16

The assessment went extremely well, got the pass i needed for my visa. I highly recommend Future Skills and the assessor. Thanks

Anton A - Sydney 21/12/16

I would recommend Future Skills because it helped me get my assessment done. The service was good, the time we started and finished was also very good.

Matthew F - Sydney 21/12/16

Very helpful and put me at ease when I first came in. I would recommend this company to anybody who wants to do a skills assessment.

Sean O - Sydney 21/12/16

I was very with how the whole day went. The assessor was a pleasure to deal with. I would strongly recommend this service to any of more friends coming from Ireland.

Widzanayi C - Brisbane 13/12/16

I received fair treatment at the assessment, the equipment was up to date and the assessors were helpful.

Lewis B - Perth 13/12/16

Great Service, Great Help, Great People!
Thank you so much.

Ashern R - Perth 13/12/16

Good Facilities to perform test. Great Assessor - excellent communication.
Would recommend this path to others trying to get an A grade licence.

Jamie C - London 29/11/16

I found them super friendly and helpful and they were always available to offer any guidance i needed. Great Service - highly recommended.

Charley Andrews - London 28/11/16

Future Skills has been very helpful and provided all the relevant information needed. The skill assessment was as described and conducted professionally. I would recommend Future Skills to others.

Justin H - London 28/11/16

I found it really helpful and would recommend this course.

James M - Sydney 4/11/16

I found the exam very useful to determine my skills. I would recommend any person to use Future Skills for skills assessment.

Andy K - Sydney 4/11/16

Future Skills is a good way to kick start where you need to be in terms of your trade and found them very helpful.

Lewis C - Sydney 4/11/16

I was pleased with the skills assessment, the location wasn't too far for me to travel. Plus I felt the questions and practical assessment touched upon a lot of areas that were relevant in electrical install and fault finding.

Stephen G - Sydney 3/11/16

I found Future Skills to be very good. The staff are friendly and helpful, the whole process was easy and the help was always there if needed. They're professional and friendly.
I would recommend Future Skills to anyone who needs to go through the same process. Thank you Future Skills.

Joe L - Brisbane - 31/10/16

I thought the process overall was excellent. The assessor was great and explained what was needed of me clearly.

Matthew F - London 26/10/16

I would recommend the centre and the examiner. They have given a professional service and supplied plenty of coffee

David R- London 25/10/16

Excellent staff , great location and good test centre. They had more than enough information on moving to Oz and information about the electrical process

Robert H - London 24/10/16

A very good experience

Sam A - Perth 20/10/16

The assessor and site was excellent. The assessor ensured understanding of the whole exam procedure and was professional and courteous. The testing process was fair and well structured

Saeid K - Perth 20/10/16

I'm very satisfied with the whole process. From the start date, which was started with warm and professional customer service to final assessment date.

James K - London 2/9/16

Overall I have been happy with the service they have provided me.

Fraser E - London 1/9/16

Very helpful and understand everyone's individual needs.

Robin F - London 1/9/16

From start to finish this has been a smooth process. They gave me all the help and advice I needed for my stage 2 and 3 assessments. The assessor was very professional and supported me through the stage 3 process. Many, Many thanks

Richards Jones - London 1/9/16

Made to feel at ease prior to the assessment. The whole team are very approachable. Thank you.

Markus G - Sydney 1/9/16

I highly recommend Future Skills as the whole skills assessment process was straight forward and the staff were helpful and guided me through the process

Farshid Y - Brisbane 31/8/16

Friendly atmosphere

Simon H - Brisbane 31/8/16

The assessment is fast and efficient. Good understanding of the assessors

Thomas A - Brisbane 30/8/16

Future Skills International are a great company and helped me apply for my permanent resident visa via doing my skills assessment and also helped me to get my Australian provisional license

Darren S - Brisbane 30/8/16

The communication with the office staff was very good. I knew exactly what was expected of me. The assessor who took my assessment made things clear and easy to understand

Martin T - London 1/8/16

The experience I have had has been very friendly and everyone has done everything they could to help me!

Rory C - London 1/8/16

I was very happy with the assessment from when I booked it, to when I sat the test. People in the office and assessors were very helpful.

Luke W - London 1/8/16

They were very friendly and have helped me out with questions that needed answering. The office was particularly helpful with what I needed to do. My assessor was also helpful and provided clear and understandable instructions.

James M - Brisbane 27/7/16

The assessment was challenging but a fair representation of an electrician's required skills. The assessor was 10/10 to work with.

John T - Brisbane 27/7/16

Excellent Service from application to assessment. Would certainly recommend this service. The assessment was a fair representation of potential scenarios and activities.

William K - Perth 25/5/16

Had a great day, some great experience. The assessors were really helpful.

Jack C - Brisbane 25/5/16

Unbelievably friendly instructors, made me feel comfortable form start to finish. Agree with all the aspects involved in the assessment structure.

Billy F - Sydney 1/4/16

The assessment is good for revision and to refresh the memory on every day electrical work.

Rick B - Sydney 1/4/16

Good experience from start to finish.

Ashley M - Sydney 1/4/16

Glad to work with Future Skills. Stress free and a good test of skills on the day. Many Thanks, I will definitely refer people to deal with Future Skills.

Michael K - Sydney 31/3/16

Very fair process. What I would expect as a trades person entering a classroom.

Samuel B - Sydney 31/3/16

Future Skills made the process very easy and helped me with any needs and questions I had. I would strongly recommend Future Skills.

Barry O - Sydney 31/3/16

Future Skills made my trade recognition quick and easy. I would recommend Future Skills to anyone doing their trade recognition.

Derek L - Perth - 3/3/16

A good day with a good level of testing and the instructors put people at ease with content and goals.

Pat K - Perth - 3/3/16

Very good service at Future Skills. Efficient and no time wasting or waiting around. Instructors at the exam were very clear in their instructions and knowledgeable about the process.

Liam M - Brisbane 24/2/16

I found Future Skills very helpful and was always kept in the loop about my documents outstanding. The practical was very well managed and will pass my recommendation on to people. Many thanks to my assessor who strove to help in the right direction when I ask, thank you.

Fred VDW - Brisbane 23/2/16

Future Skills was a pleasure to work with, the staff made the assessment a great experience.

Adam D - Brisbane 23/2/16

The staff at Future Skills were easy to deal with from start to finish, I would recommend them to anyone.

James C - Sydney - 8/2/16

I would recommend Future Skills to anyone who needs to get their electrical license in Australia. Very practical and easy to understand. The staff and assessors were very helpful. The location of the assessment was practical, close to train stations.

Paul M - Sydney - 8/2/16

I would recommend Future Skills as it is an achievable avenue of getting my Irish electrical license changed over to the equivalent Australian one.

Ross M- Sydney - 8/2/16

I would recommend Future Skills to anybody who is considering immigration to Australia. I found them very helpful and took care of my needs

Josh D - Perth - 5/2/16

I found Future Skills very productive with my application process and feel the practical assessment was a part. I would say to everyone facing the challenge to prepare correctly. Lastly the staff at Future Skills are very helpful and put your nerves at ease.

David M - Perth - 2/2/16

I enjoyed my time a Future Skills, the assessors were very approachable and helpful.

Declan B - Perth - 2/2/16

I always felt at ease and never pressured which is massive to me when sitting an exam. Thanks.

Soheil S - Sydney 19/1/16

It was fantastic, Thank you.

Scott H - Sydney 22/12/15

Derek was very helpful and was happy to answer any questions I had.

Daniel F - Perth 15/12/15

Assessment was very good and David was a fare assessor. Top Marks.

Nikolas W - Sydney 9/12/15

I found the whole experience easy from start to finish.

Daniel P- Sydney 9/12/15

The testing process was very thorough and well run/delivered. It took persistance to get through the entire process but very much worth it.

Sean M - Perth 4/11/15

Friendly atmosphere, ideal for doing tests. Made to feel at ease

Nicol D - Perth 4/11/15

Course was very good and assessors are helpful and professional

Michael L - Brisbane 23/10/15

-Very good work condition.
-Good equipment and sample for test.
-Very good knowledge of assessor and very explicit for any task required.

Liam B - Brisbane 23/10/15

Great company, great employees, excellent people skills 10/10

Bharatkumar P - Brisbane 23/10/15

Future Skills International is a very good organisation and has very good and supportive staff. I am very happy that I went with Future Skills.
I will be telling my friends as well to go with Future Skills.
A very big thank you to Future Skills and all staff.

Francis M - Perth 21/10/15

Future skills corresponded with me throughout the whole process. They were impartial and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lee R - Brisbane 21/10/15

I am very happy with how Future Skills International have done my assessment with me. They are all very easy to work with throughout the day, all the practical assessments are set up really well and easy to get through. Thy make you feel really comfortable and that is great so you can just get on with the job.
Many Thanks Future Skills International

Daniel C - Perth 20/10/15

No dramas with assessment
Assessors were spot on
Tea and coffee facilities were decent!

Fintain M- Perth 20/10/15

Very fair skills assessment.
Plenty of information for preparation before course.

Jamie K - Sydney 25/9/15

I would highly recommend Future Skills to anyone looking forward to complete their trade assessment. Future Skills provide a well organised and well run assessment.

Rickie B - Sydney 25/9/15

I would recommend Future Skills because the assessor was very fair and reasonable, very friendly and made you feel calm and positive.
Future Skills was also a very fast process.

Alan St - Sydney 26/9/15

I had a great experience with Future Skills. The facilities and staff were excellent. I found it very helpful going forward with my career in Australia.

Alan H - Sydney 26/9/15

I think the skills assessment was a good way of testing the skills of an electrician and well organised.
My assessor was very professional and good to work with.

Jamie S - London 15/9/15

Jeff the assessor made you feel at ease and explained everything I felt I was unsure of.
I would definitely recommend Future Skills if you are serious about immigrating to Australia.
Easy steps throughout the process and overall very pleased by the service.

Daryl N - London 15/9/15

I would encourage anyone to use Future Skills as they have been very helpful and clear.

Scott B - London 15/9/15

Had a great experience the process was smooth and relaxing, no stress and felt at ease.
Would recommend this course to any future applicants.

Mark T - London 11/9/15

Highly recommended, great experience!

Robbie G - Sydney 28/8/15

I found the skills assessment to be thorough and fair. I'm very glad I chose Future Skills as they were very helpful throughout the whole process.

Aidan O - Sydney 29/8/15

I would recommend anyone doing their skills assessment to do it through Future Skills, very professionally organised and the instructor/assessor was very helpful and well knowledged. Everything was done very quick and all paperwork sorted out very quickly.

Sam C - Sydney 28/8/15

I was very nervous going to this exam, although I believe i am a competent electrician my nerves do get the better of me at times.
However, all the information provided by the assessor was very helpful and correct. The equipment was easy to use and provided a realistic representation of real world situations.
Would strongly recommend.

Shaun M - Sydney 29/8/15

I would really recommend this assessment, not only is it an assessment, it is very educational with a positive atmosphere. Thank you Jeff. Shaun.

Daniel W - Sydney 28/8/15

Excellent experience, I was nervous at first but the pressure was lifted. Would definitely recommend Future Skills to friends in the future. Highly rated. Thank you.