Skills Assessments for Instrumentation & Control Technicians (Queensland only)

The Electrical Safety Office (the Queensland electrical licensing regulator) recognises Future Skills International as a relevant assessing authority under the Migrations Regulations 1994 (Cth) to provide skills assessment services for overseas qualified instrumentation and control technicians.

This skills assessment pathway is only for applicants seeking a restricted electrical work licence for work purposes in this field.

Successful applicants will receive a formal Statement from Future Skills International verifying the skills, knowledge and competencies held as an instrumentation and control technician which can be used to apply to the Electrical Safety Office for a restricted electrical work training permit in Queensland.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a Statement of Attainment for any competencies achieved and documentation identifying any gaps in skills or employment experience. Unsuccessful applicants may also apply for a reassessment.

Eligibility requirements for the Skills Assessment Pathway
This is a skills assessment pathway only for those applicants who:
are resident in Queensland and
do not hold the Australian Certificate III qualification in Instrumentation and Control.

How to apply for this pathway
There is one skills assessment pathway under this program for applicants who do not have a relevant Australian qualification.
Queensland Skills Assessment Pathway for Instrumentation and Control Technician

Completion of Assessment

On completion of the technical interview and practical skills assessment, an assessor will complete marking of your assessments and where you are deemed Competent in all aspects of the program, you will be issued with a formal Skills Assessment Statement within a twenty-one (21) day period from the day of the assessment.

Applicants who are deemed Not Yet Competent on completion of the skills assessment will have the opportunity to appeal the decision within seven (7) business days of being notified in writing by Future Skills International of the unsuccessful outcome.

An applicant may also apply for a reassessment of their skills within a twelve (12) month period from the time they have been notified in writing by Future Skills International.

Australian Gap Training

Once an applicant has received their provisional restricted electrical licence they may enrol in and complete the Future Skills approved gap training program. This training program will cover learning and assessment in the following areas:
Australian work health and safety and electrical safety regulatory framework
Energy sector sustainable work practices, and
the Australian technical standard AS/NZS 4386:2011 Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment

On successful completion of this training Future Skills will issue the Australian Certificate III in Instrumentation & Control qualification which will enable you to apply to the Qld Electrical Safety Office for a restricted electrical work licence to enable you to work without supervision in Australian industry as an instrumentation and control technician.

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