Documentary Evidence

As part of the initial application you must provide sufficient and relevant evidence that you have completed equivalent training and work experience to an Australian electrician. This must also demonstrate the currency of your skills. Your evidence must include at least 3 years of work as an general electrician and at least 1 year of work as a licenced electrician within the previous 3 years prior to your application.

In addition, for a Pathway 2 application you must submit evidence of at least 1 year work within the previous 3 years in Australia as a licenced electrician, including a copy of your full/unrestricted electrical licence.

You are required to provide colour copies of your qualifications as an electrician, including supporting documents such as transcripts for your qualifications. All translated documents provided must be certified translations.

You are required to provide colour copies of your final qualification, apprenticeship certificate, award, a full academic transcript or other documents that include the start and end date of training and details of the program of study.

Employer statements

You must supply verifiable employer statements, and pay evidence for each period of employment you wish to claim. Each statement should include:


- the exact employment period (start and finish dates);
- the normal hours of work;
- the nature of employment (full-time, part-time, casual);
- job title (occupation);
- a detailed description of the relevant tasks undertaken;
- the name and address of the business on official business letterhead; and
- the name, position, contact details and signature of the person authorised to make the statement and the length of time they supervised the applicant.

Pay evidence

Pay evidence should include (but is not limited to) two items listed below for each year you wish to claim:

- official government tax records or documents that may include payment summaries, group certificates or notices of assessment.
- three payslips citing names of the employer and employee.
- superannuation documents including employer details.
- bank statements with the employer's name and clearly showing income has been deposited.


Future Skills International will determine whether your application is 'Decision Ready' before directing you to the Trades Recognition Australia portal to make your application payment.


Further information is available at the Trades Recognition Australia website -

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