Firstly I would say the venue is really good. We were the first to be at the new venue and I would say the facility is amazing. Rooms are cleaned and great space. The assessment is well presented. Thankyou Future Skills!

Mayur H. - United Kingdom Crewe - 05/11/2022

Efficient service that does the job for me

William W. - United Kingdom Crewe - 05/11/2022

Great stay, very friendly, clean facility, professional.

Ben C. - United Kingdom Perth - 04/11/2022

Satisfactory, good facility, professional.

Charmaine N. - Zimbabwe Perth - 04/11/2022

I would highly recommend Future Skills to my friends who are looking for pathways to residency, very good assessor.

Johnathan H. - United Kingdom Sydney - 26/10/2022

I would recommend other applicants to use Future Skills for their assessment because you will actually get practical and theoretical questions that apply in daily life as an electrician and it will be easy to fit in any type of industry.

Sungisai M. - Zimbabwe Sydney - 26/10/2022

The day was very successful, much more enjoyable than first thought. I would highly recommend using Future Skills.

Daniel B. - United Kingdom Sydney - 25/10/2022

The process has been very clear from day one. I would recommend everyone who wishes to have their assessment to do it with Future Skills.

Malven M. - Zimbabwe Brisbane - 07/10/2022

The assessment was good, the assessor explained to me clearly what needed to be done. The environment is very friendly, the equipment good too. I am at liberty to recommend those who want to do skills assessment to do with Future Skills, they have all wha

Willie S. - Zimbabwe Brisbane - 07/10/2022

Assessment went on perfectly and satisfied with the whole process. Every step was carried out professionally and fairly would strongly recommend to other prospective candidates needing assessment.

Robert M. - Zimbabwe Brisbane - 07/10/2022

Very pleased with the standard of assessment would recommend to other trades people. The assessor was super helpful

Robbie A. - United Kingdom Crewe - 01/10/2022

I found the assessment was well explained to me which put me at ease when I arrived in the morning. Staff very friendly and helpful facilities in good condition.

Ryan D. - Ireland Perth - 30/09/2022

Highly recommend Future Skills, friendly staff

Steven R. - Ireland Sydney - 28/09/2022

I had a great experience with Future Skills International on the assessment day and also through all process, friendly staff with highly knowledge assessor.

Kazem SK. - Iran Sydney - 28/09/2022

I found it to be a great service both on the day and getting paperwork ready beforehand.

Andrew S. - Ireland Sydney - 27/09/2022

Good facilities and testing equipment, assessor explain things clearly will be recommended to others about the assessment.

Opeti R. - Fiji Sydney - 27/09/2022

It was a great assessment really open and showing the quality of work and standards

Tapfuma C. - Zimbabwe Sydney - 27/09/2022

I really enjoyed the challenge of the skills assessment as its something I haven't done in a while. It was made even easier with the assessor as he ran through everything clearly and in detail before we begun. I would recommend Future Skills to any electr

Gavin K. - Ireland Crewe - 24/09/2022

Really enjoyed the day, was easy flowing and run very well

Thomas N. - United Kingdom Brisbane - 20/09/2022

I would definitely recommend Future Skills. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very prompt in response regarding any issues I had with the assessment.

Ross E. - United Kingdom Brisbane - 20/09/2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Future Skills International. Everyone I spoke to was helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. I would 100% recommend FSI to any future electricians who are interested in doing an Australia skills assessment

Jonathan T. - Canada Melbourne - 16/09/2022

Great company, great people, professionally done. Would recommend it to any person who needs a service which Future Skills can help with. Thank you.

Cornelis O. - South Africa Melbourne - 16/09/2022

Our assessor was very clear and helpful, all materials and kit were in good condition, informative process which I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend Future Skills.

Michael W. - United Kingdom Crewe - 10/09/2022

Future skills are a good company to deal with and always respond to emails prompty. During the assessment the instructor explained things clearly. be provided as there is no shop close.

Robert W. - Ireland Crewe - 10/09/2022

Excellent with a clear and transparent system. I received phone calls and emails on every step of the process. The assessor was great on the day and explained everything on each step. I would recommend to friends and work colleges.

Justin TSydney - 31/08/2022

I really enjoyed the theoretical and practical tests with the assessor. The assessor was really focused and patient through the tests. I recommend to anyone who is looking too get a license.

Glauber TGSydney - 31/08/2022

I have definetly had a great experience doing my electrical assessment with Future Skills. Everything was clear and I will happily recommend that to everyone who needs to get a qualification assessment.

Mohammadali PSydney - 31/08/2022

I am very glad to recognise that Future Skills have been helpful in my process and I fully recommended my friends to Future Skills.

Christian MMSydney - 30/08/2022

I would highly recommend Future Skills as they have very friendly staff and they have many test locations.

Bilal ASydney - 30/08/2022

I would recommend Future Skills to other people trying to do a skills assessment.

James MSydney - 30/08/2022

I am happy to introduce new people to do skills assessment at Future Skills International.

Andre PBrisbane - 26/08/2022

I would really like to introduce my friends to take this assessment with FSI.

Jong WLBrisbane - 26/08/2022

I would highly recommend other people to do this assessment.

Warren BBrisbane - 26/08/2022

I have done the skills assessment and would recommend Future Skills to future candidates. Thanks.

Philip BBrisbane - 25/08/2022

I would strongly suggest people to do their skill assessment at Future skills international.

Pranesh SBrisbane - 25/08/2022

Future Skills was easy to navigate. the staff were always willing to answer any questions I had quickly. The assessor was very friendly and professional, overall a great experience.

Adam TSydney - 28/07/2022

I would recommend other people to go here

Nathan BSydney - 28/07/2022

I recommend the process and will recommend to another friend. The assessor was very good.

Tiago AJSydney - 28/07/2022

Very smooth process from initial email to exam completion. I've gone through many governmental bodies in the last 5 years in Australia. FSI has been the best/most efficient by far.

Stephen FSydney - 27/07/2022

Really friendly assessor made me feel welcome and relaxed. The whole process was a breeze and I was made to feel very welcome.

Richard PSydney - 27/07/2022

Great service provided by Future Skills. My assessor kept me updated 1 week before and 1 day before my assessment. The assessor was great and informative would definitely recommend.

Jack HSydney - 27/07/2022

I will be recommending Future Skills for eletrical skills assessment in the near future to my friends and anyone in need of a skills assessment. I found throughout the whole process the people I was dealing with made it very easy and clear.

Sean WSydney - 26/07/2022

The assessor was very approachable

Conor CSydney - 26/07/2022

Very clearly explained what is expected. Calm and approachable assessor that is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Jamie BSydney - 26/07/2022

I strongly recommend Future Skills. Excellent process, setup, very happy with the whole situation.

Jordan SSydney - 26/07/2022

They talked me through the whole process step by step. The call and details received from Future Skills have been invaluable and put my concerns at ease. The assessor has talked through every stage of today and tried his best to put everyone at ease. Good

Karl LCrewe - 16/07/2022

So far my application has been made really easy by the team. They have offered me all the resources I need to make my move as easy as possible. I hope at the end of the process to work as an electrician, hopefully in Melbourne

Matthew SCrewe - 16/07/2022

Top class from start to finish. Very quick to respond and help with information needed. Would recommend to anyone.

Michael CPerth - 15/07/2022

Very good experience. Very friendly assessor , highly recommend. Compared to back home, a lot better experience.a

Paul FPerth - 15/07/2022

They respond to any email really fast considering time zone differences.a

Tyrane MCrewe - 09/07/2022

Great service, communication was excellent. Assessor called multiple times in the lead up to check I was preparing correctly, and was very accommodating on the day. Would highly recommend to other electricians looking to get their license over in Australia

Daniel RPerth - 04/07/2022

I would highly recommend Future Skills as this was a good test of practical skills and everybody was very informative and helpful with the process

Ben NSydney - 14/06/2022

I highly recommend Future Skills International. The assessor is highly professional, he gave me very practical and constructive feedback at the end of assessment

Kushal SSydney - 14/06/2022

Good communication between assessor and student, well planned and informative contact between student and Future Skills.

James KSydney - 14/06/2022

The skills assessment was a fair test of my skills and knowledge, and were based on realistic activities. The assessors are friendly and make it clear from the start what they expect from me. Communication from Future Skills has been great, they have kept

Michael FSydney - 14/06/2022

Was a good experience and felt very comfortable doing the test. The test centre is in a good condition.

Jonathan WBrisbane - 06/06/2022

Pratical skills assessment went smoothly and efficiently and I would recommend.

Liam MCrewe - 4/06/2022

Facility is good, Friendly staff. Overall experiences is good and if I have a chance I will recommend to others about this

Yan NHPerth - 20/05/2022

It was a great test of skills. I highly recommend doing this through Future Skills. The staff are incredible and so friendly.

Jean-Pierre NBrisbane - 18/05/2022

Great experience, easy access would recommend

Michael VSydney - 13/05/2022

Yes I would recommend this to other people

Eamonn CSydney - 13/05/2022

Future Skills staff are really supportive from initiall stage document assessment to practical exam all of them are supportive and helpful thank you.

Hamidreza SSydney - 13/05/2022

I fully recommend Future Skills. Its really good company and professional test. Very good!

Vinicius WSydney - 12/05/2022

I would recommend Future Skills to anyone looking to get there skills assessed

Ciaran CSydney - 12/05/2022

I would recommend this service to any tradie coming from Canada, they were very helpful from the beginning 10/10 very helpful

Michael GSydney - 12/05/2022

Great service , easy steps to take

Matthias BSydney - 12/05/2022

I would recommend other people to come through.

Emmet GMelbourne - 28/04/2022

The facilitator was very good and very helpful. I felt at ease with each assessment. Would recommend to friends and work mates to use Future Skills in the future.

Thomas HMelbourne - 28/04/2022

I will recommend to all my friends to use Future Skills International.

Jigneshkumar PMelbourne - 27/04/2022

I highly recommend Future Skills for all your overseas qualification assessments that leads to a full Australian recognised license.

Sonal RMelbourne - 27/04/2022

Nice, relaxing atmosphere, the assessment ran smoothly.

Shea LPerth - 22/04/2022

I recommend Future Skills. From the office to the training centre. Everyone has been really helpful which has made this whole process super easy.

Thomas RBrisbane - 12/04/2022

I really enjoyed my assessment and it was well organised. Future Skills assessor was clear and concise. Thank you Future Skills.

Andrew BSydney - 11/3/2022

Future Skills team helped me to get my overseas electrical trade recognised, they have made the process easy to follow. Thank you and I will recommend Future Skills to my friends.

Marcos. HSydney - 11/3/2022

I am entirely satisfied with the assessment process. I received sufficient information before the commencement of my skills assessment which helped me to fully understand the process. I recommend Future Skills to others.

Davoud. NSydney - 11/3/2022

Future Skills made the whole process really easy and I would highly recommend Future Skills!

Kevin. CSydney - 09/03/2022

I found the technical assessment an excellent experience. Future Skills assessor was great and the journey overall from the start to finish was good and not too overwhelming at all. Thanks to Future Skills staff and assessor.

Michael. CSydney - 09/03/2022

Future Skills offers excellent services and very patient in explaining the whole process. I will recommend Future Skills International to others who seek the electrical skills assessment.

Amirhossein. RSydney - 09/03/2022

I would recommend Future Skills trade assessment to anyone else trying to complete this process. Future Skills assessor Jeff was very helpful and always supported candidates where required.

Karl. SSydney - 08/03/2022

I had a really good experience with the Future Skills team. They provided all the information clearly including the technical assessments. The assessment infrastructure and materials are at a very high quality.

Roberto. JSydney - 08/03/2022

The assessment was fair and assessment questions were appropriate. Our assessor was fantastic and made everyone felt comfortable throughout the assessment.

Shane. RSydney - 07/03/2022

"I would fully recommend Future Skills. Everyone was very helpful in the lead up to the assessment which made everything easier.On the technical assessment day, everything was explained clearly and completed promptly. Anything needed or asked for was readily available."

Conor. HBrisbane - 02/03/2022

I would highly recommend Future Skills to anyone looking to do their skills assessment. The process was quick and straight forward. Future Skills assessor makes you feel at ease and I had a great experience with Future Skills service.

Jordan. RBrisbane - 02/03/2022

Future Skills staff were really helpful considering my situation (flooding). Assessor was very knowledgeable and professional. Future Skills really looked after their candidate to support them throughout the whole process.

Thomas. BBrisbane - 02/03/2022

The assessment was brilliantly laid back. Facility is great. I would strongly recommend Future Skills.

Joshua. LBrisbane - 11/02/2022

Future Skills assessor is great and very helpful to make sure that I understand the questions and the tasks throughout the assessment.

Jose. OBrisbane - 01/02/2022

"Absolutely a very good experience from the start to end, every Future Skills staff involved in the process was very helpful and understanding the situation. I will definitely suggest this service to anyone for their skills assessment. Thank you so much Future Skills!"

Matteo. BBrisbane - 21/01/2022

Future Skills was recommended to me for my skills assessment. I had a great experience and will fly out to Emerald Queensland on a permanent residency visa. Thanks again to the Future Skills team and assessor in UK.

Michael. WCrewe - 08/01/2022