Great communication and response times.

Craig S. - United Kingdom Crewe - 04/11/2023

Easy process from the office in which documentation we need. The assessor gives clear direction, great experience overall.

Darren O. - Ireland Sydney - 31/10/2023

Assessor was fantastic. Very straight forward, clear and unstressful.

Kevin C. - Ireland Sydney - 31/10/2023

I highly recommend Future Skills International they always help me to clearly with questions and get my skills assessment.

Josue D. - Brazil Sydney - 31/10/2023

Future Skills staff deliver an excellent service. Very quick and clear responses. During this assessment, instructors were clear and when I looked for help they found a way to explain in a good manner.

Jose M. - Chile Brisbane - 20/10/2023

It was an excellent assessment, I appreciate the admin and technical assessors for helping us to understand about the training.

Manners M. - Zimbabwe Brisbane - 20/10/2023

I will definitely recommend Future Skills to friends and family.

Matteo F. - Italy Melbourne - 17/10/2023

- It was a good experience and learning point. The test is really helpful will recommend to my friend to do their license with Future Skills. Great experience.

Navilesh C. - Fiji Brisbane - 22/09/2023

Highly recommend.

Michael C. - Ireland Brisbane - 22/09/2023

All process of assessment is clear and all information that I get from Future Skills is helpful and in supportive manner. I was comforted during the exam, the assessor was really nice, friendly, and professional.

Mostafa B. - Iran Brisbane - 22/09/2023

Future Skills have been nothing but helpful and assisted myself at every point. My entire experience with Future skills has been positive and helpful.

Robert Y. - United Kingdom Crewe - 16/09/2023

Due to the high accuracy and speed of response and the appropriate quality of the assessment site, I will definitely recommend this institution to my friends to evaluate their documents.

Mohsen R. - Iran Sydney - 06/09/2023

Future Skills were extremely helpful and accommodating in the overall process in obtaining my skills assessment.

Scott H. - Ireland Sydney - 06/09/2023

I will definitely recommend a friend to Future Skills, very professional service.

Cathal M. - Ireland Sydney - 05/09/2023

Very much happy I received clear and relevant instructions and the assessor was kind. Thank you very much.

Bienvenido J. - Philippines Sydney - 05/09/2023

No doubts was a good experience to work with Future Skills International. Highly recommend. Many thanks to the staff for the experienced service.

Airat B. - Russia Sydney - 05/09/2023

Process was very simple, fast and effective.

Dylan D. - Ireland Perth - 25/08/2023

I highly recommend Future Skills, they have been helping and giving the information I needed. They have a good workshop with equipments up to date. It can simulate a real case scenario. From switchboards, to electric wiring. Good installation to simulate faults.

Jackson C. - Brazil Brisbane - 25/08/2023

I would highly recommend Future Skills for skills assessments.

Stephen L. - Ireland Brisbane - 25/08/2023

I would highly recommend anybody to make use of Future Skills. Thank You.

Frederik O. - South Africa Melbourne - 22/08/2023

I recommend other people and I will be telling others about Future Skills.

Paul K. - Ireland Melbourne - 22/08/2023

Excellent course, great for refreshing the memory, from doing end of apprenticeship exams, AM2.

Conor S. - Ireland Melbourne - 22/08/2023

Brilliantly explained and well structured assessment.

Ben H. - Ireland Melbourne - 22/08/2023

I really appreciate work with Future Skills, the process was clear, response was quick every time I had questions. I will recommend to other people.

Samuel B. - France Perth - 04/08/2023

Well delivered. From applying to attending course, nothing was left out, very helpful.

Tommy N. - Ireland Perth - 04/08/2023

Very good assessment and setup, well done. The assessor conducted the group very well.

Scott M. - United Kingdom Sydney - 27/07/2023

I found the assessment easy enough. I would recommend the course to anyone in the same position.

Michael J. - United Kingdom Sydney - 26/07/2023

I would definitely recommend Future Skills to anyone who needs to go through this process.

Gonzalo A. - Chile Sydney - 26/07/2023

I will recommend my friends to use this service through Future Skills International. As they provide an efficient and professional service.

Ali M. - Afghanistan Sydney - 26/07/2023

I had a great time at Future Skills, friendly staff, good place to learn and gain skills for the future.

Adam M. - United Kingdom Perth - 21/07/2023

Could not recommend more. Brilliant service would recommend anyone to use Future Skills.

Nathan W. - Ireland Melbourne - 18/07/2023

Would highly recommend anyone to come through and do this assessment. The assessor was very helpful with everything and explained the path forward from here with electrical license.

Paul D. - Ireland Melbourne - 18/07/2023

I would strongly recommend people to Future Skills, from day one the document assessment supported me. Today I had a great experience in the practical with the assessor

Thyaghu B. - India Melbourne - 18/07/2023

I found the staff very helpful and had access to great facilities.

Colin M. - Ireland Perth - 14/07/2023

I recommend everyone to use Future Skills, the assessor is super kinda and makes you feel welcome, giving a nice environment.

Tyler A. - United Kingdom Sydney - 23/06/2023

Very good process of skills assessment everyone was pretty helpful on the whole process. Many thanks to the team.

Filipi L. - Brazil Sydney - 23/06/2023

Will recommend this for others overseas electricians in Australia.

Kirk M. - United Kingdom Sydney - 23/06/2023

I would recommend Future Skills to others in the future as the assessment is well structured and to the point.

John C. - Ireland Sydney - 22/06/2023

I would highly recommend Future Skills to someone.

Daniel E. - Ireland Sydney - 22/06/2023

I would highly recommend future skills for friends and others. Clear and straight forward process. Great support and the assessor was clear at the test as well.

Weslley D. - Brazil Sydney - 22/06/2023

It was the best assessor I've ever seen, sure thing I'd recommend to all my friends to choose Future Skills.

Somayyeh J. - Iran Melbourne - 13/06/2023

From before I arrived I was briefed on what to expect. Once I arrived I was put right at ease with the small talk from the assessor. He explained in details the day ahead and encouraged questions. Overall it was a good day and went well/

Rhys C. - Ireland Perth - 09/06/2023

I would recommend other people to sit the assessment.

Christopher T. - United Kingdom Sydney - 31/05/2023

Overall great process, staff were well informed and helpful. Did their best to help me through the process as easily as possible.

Michael B. - Canada Sydney - 31/05/2023

I had a good experience with Future Skills. Everyone was helpful throughout the process I would highly recommend to a friend.

Owen S. - United Kingdom Sydney - 30/05/2023

Happy to recommend anyone who wants to ask Future Skills to learn more about the electrical industry. I've had no complaints at all with Future Skills. Professional, punctual and patient, thank you.

JJ Butterworth - United Kingdom Sydney - 30/05/2023

Future Skills made the process of getting my trade recognition straightforward.

Niall M. - Ireland Sydney - 30/05/2023

I will recommend other people from Ukraine to do their skills assessment with Future Skills International.

Anton S. - Ukraine Sydney - 30/05/2023

The support and response from Future Skills is effective and professional. The face to face assessment was fair and done in a welcoming environment for better concentration throughout the exam.

Simbarashe C. - Zimbabwe Perth - 19/05/2023

Definitely recommend for people coming overseas to get all your skills reviewed. Highly recommend.

Quinlan M. - United Kingdom Melbourne - 17/05/2023

Good test to refresh my skills. I would recommend it to anyone looking to do it.

Patrick O. - Ireland Melbourne - 16/05/2023

Good test, I recommend others to use FSI. Very helpful.

Jason K. - Ireland Melbourne - 16/05/2023

Process was good and easy.

James H. - Ireland Crewe - 06/05/2023

Gone smoothly - Assessor was welcoming and explains process well. Venue was great.

Darren C. - United Kingdom Crewe - 06/05/2023

Overall the assessment was great. Everything demonstrated well and staff were helpful and the site was very clean and tidy.

Cameron W. - United Kingdom Perth - 10/03/2023

Assessor really helpful. Felt very relaxed. Enjoyed the assessment.

Daniel B. - United Kingdom Perth - 10/03/2023

Excellent Assessment.

Richard H. - United Kingdom Crewe - 04/03/2023

It is a good test of your electrical skills and knowledge.

John M. - Ireland Crewe - 04/03/2023

I received quick responses to my application for skills assessment. I got assistance with information on the required documents for documentary evidence. The technical and practical assessor was very professional and gentle.

Charlene K. - Zimbabwe Sydney - 01/03/2023

I would definitely recommend Future Skills to any person looking to get their skills recognised in Australia. Definitely worth the time and effort. Smooth application process and assessment was fair.

Brandon P. - South Africa Sydney - 01/03/2023

Fast service. All paperwork, documents provided. Quick response from the office. I can definitely recommend Future Skills International.

Jakub S. - Czech Republic Sydney - 01/03/2023

I am very happy to continue with Future Skills International because I have a good time and learn things how to manage my path to electrical qualification. I will recommend this company to my family and friends.

Metodija M. - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Sydney - 01/03/2023

I will be recommending colleagues and friends to use Future Skills.

Denver M. - United Kingdom Sydney - 28/02/2023

The assessment was well setup and realistic and is relatable to my field of work. I highly recommend Future Skills to my peers.

Vinay L. - Fiji Sydney - 28/02/2023

I am willing to recommend people to choose this assessment. The assessor was very good and carried the exam out very thoughtfully.

Lewis D. - United Kingdom Sydney - 28/02/2023

The process was straightforwards and quick to organise.

Luke B. - United Kingdom Crewe - 18/02/2023

Thursday was great! I would recommend to all my friends.

Shahram B. - Iran Melbourne - 14/02/2023

I will recommend to the other people to come to Future Skills. Future Skills is the best. Thank you. Regards Ali.

Ali T. - Iran Melbourne - 14/02/2023

The best organisation, highly recommended.

Ghassan A. - Syria Melbourne - 14/02/2023

The assessment as a whole was acceptable.

Jordan H. - United Kingdom Crewe - 11/02/2023

Future Skills assessment was very well undertaken. The assessor came across to point and explained everything in detail.

Gareth S. - United Kingdom Crewe - 11/02/2023